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Rachel Ruysch fruit and insects
Frida Kahlo's Dos Mujeres
Leonardo's Mona Lisa
Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People
Pietro Aretino (Pitti)
Venus of Urbino
Worcester Art Museum Master of the Ursula Legend
Tullio Lombardo Adam
Jodi's map #62
Northbrook Madonna
Jodi's map #46
Jodi's map #47
Thomas Eakin's Starting out after Rail
Bartolomeo Montagna, Virgin and Child
Titian's Portrait of Giulio Romano
Rembrandt's Met Self-Portrait
Antonio del Massaro del Viterbo
Ottaviano Nelli's The Adoration of the Kings
Niccolo di Bartolomeo Pisano's Holy Family
Diana and Actaeon
Albert Bouts' Virgin and Child with an Angel
Jodi's map #88
Filippo Lippi's St. Catherine of Alexandria
Francesco Pesellino's Miracle of Saint Silvester
Jodi's map #90
Carlo Crivelli's Saints Bernardino and Clare
Neri di Bicci's Predella Panel
Jodi's map #122
School of Gerard David's Christ on the Cross