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Adam and Eve, Titian, 1550 — 1550, oil on canvas, 186.0cm x 240.0cm

1550 — Unknown

The date and original owner of the painting are not known. This could have been owned by Gonzalo PĂ©rez, the father of Antonio, since the picture was in the 1585 inventory of Antonio's possessions. The picture was not received by Antonio until the 1570's, leading scholars to think that it could have been inherited by Antonio from his father.

by Jodi Cranston 06/15/2017

1573 — 1585

It is not known exactly when Antonio receives the painting, but La Casilla was not constructed until 1573.

by Jodi Cranston 06/15/2017

1585 — 1734

Wethey references 1600 Inventory of Philip II, I, pp. 26, no. 62. He also cites Rudolf Beer, 1893, p. XI, no. 62. Wethey cites that this painting was in the Alcazar inventories of 1636, 1666, 1686, 1700 and 1734 as well. Antonio Perez was brought before the inquisition on suspicion of murder, and lost all of his possessions by 1590. Just before 1636, the picture was moved within the palace from the sacristy to the so-called Vaults of Titian, suggesting that it was appreciated more for its connection to secular painting than for its sacred subject matter.

by Jodi Cranston 06/15/2017

1827 — Present Day

Wethey, v. 1, p. 63

by Jodi Cranston 06/15/2017